My beautiful family...

My beautiful family...

Welcome to Jordan Powell Films! 

One of the greatest bits of advice my dad has even given me is to trust my heart, as it will never do me wrong. So, when I was faced with the decision of continuing on and struggling with my mechanical engineering major, or moving on to pursue my passion in cinematography, I decided to trust my heart and pursue the latter. Seven years later, I've been blessed to have the opportunity to make a living through my passion, as it has taken me places I've never thought would have been possible. 

One of the greatest things about life, though, is that it's constantly changing and evolving. I've created numerous videos and full length feature films in the action sports world, but I reached a point in my career where I felt like I needed something more. I needed to make that next step in life, but I didn't know exactly know where that next step was. Finally, it appeared after months of searching when I decided to gift my brother-in-law with a wedding video. To me, there was nothing quite like it. The emotion was so raw and real, and it took me back to the day I married my wife. I knew then that this was something I had to pursue.

To me, there's nothing quite like the art of storytelling, especially when it comes to a wedding. Each one is different, as each couple is different. The story of how I met my wife is completely different than how you met your loved one, but that's the beauty of it! And when it comes down to capturing your special day, a generous amount of planning, care, and love go into making each film. At the end of the day, my goal is to provide you with a film that not only brings tears to your eyes, but one that also makes you want to watch over-and-over again and share with your family and friends.